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This company is completely bogus and i dont think they have the right to be pulling money out of my account now that i have done my research!

I instructed them that it was okay to pull money out of my account each month on the 5th. Great they said. Why did they not pull it out until the 30th each month. Why some months did they not pull it out at all.

I got a settlement check and i had the intentions of paying these idiots off. Well..i paid them off and the very next day they took the money out of my account.

I called the company and requested a statement sent to me in the mail stating what the debt was for, exactly how much i owed and they said they couldnt send me one.

After speaking with this *** for a few moments i told him i cancelled all checks sent to the company and my lawyer was getting involved. I said lawyer and HE HUNG UP ON ME. I obviously called back to speak with him again. He hung up on me again.

Now this morning at 8:00 i recieved a phone call stating that i owe this money that is not even lajit and i informed them to quit calling me becuase i will call them on monday with my lawyer present and they hung up on me again.

This business has no ethics and no people skills!!!

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Sent a letter disputing charges and citing FTC regs. I also asked for proof of charges and now after three weeks, I have heard nothing.

If they clear a bill,they are not legally obligated to tell you that. They can just not say anything.

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